Minecraft Dungeons: Rise of the Arch-Illager

E-Book (EPUB) - Erscheinungsjahr 2020von Matt Forbeck

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___________Learn the tragic origins of the wicked Arch-Illager in this official Minecraft novel, a prequel to Minecraft Dungeons!Brave heroes have banded together to take a perilous journey through the war-torn Overworld to defeat the Arch-Illager and his formidable army. But how did that army come to be? And just where did the Arch-Illager come from?The terrible truth behind the Arch-Illager is that he never asked for ultimate power. Known as Archie, this little Illager is bullied by his fellow Illagers and mistrusted by fearful Villagers. Archie only ever wanted a place to call home, but he finds himself shunned by all. As he wanders through deep forests and up craggy mountains, he stumbles upon a dark cavern with a sinister secret waiting inside.Archie discovers an object that whispers to him promises of power: the Orb of Dominance. With it, Archie realizes he can wield incredible magic and reshape a world that turned its back on him. All he needs to do is exactly what it tells him . . .After all, it s called the Orb of Dominance for a reason, right? But is it named for the way Archie uses it or is it using him?

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Seitenzahl 288
Erscheinungsjahr 2020
VerlagRandom House
Zusatzinformationen 288 Seiten
ISBN 978-1-4735-4443-7

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